• Account and connection providers – view account and add / view connection providers to AWS S3, Azure Blob and Google Storage
  • Org Connections – add and view added orgs, access orgs quickly and enabled event loading and backup job
  • Dashboard – quickly see org basic data, and weekly csv backup job progress. More dashboards will be added later
  • Unit tests – run units tests periodically and send notifications for test results. View long running tests.
  • Compare – compare multiple metadata between orgs. Quickly compare single metadata.
  • Monitor – see visualizations for Salesforce generated events for selected time frame. Export events to create own visualizations.
  • Document – generate HTML document for selected metadata using own templates with Handlebars template language
  • Metadata – access, view, search and view org metadata dependencies
  • Debug logs – stream logs, download and generate log as structured tree for easier viewing