Easily create bulk backup jobs from any object. Scheduled jobs or run them once. Possibility to choose a connection provider and upload CSV files to AWS S3, Azure Blobs or Google Cloud Storage or download files directly from the app

bulk backup job

Scheduled jobs are currently run once every 24h but it is possible to run them manually from the app anytime. The latest last modified date of the backed up records will be stored and the next time the job is run only the records that are newer will be backed up

scheduled bulk backup job

By clicking on the History button you can view all the backup jobs and by clicking provider link you can access the files in the connection provider

scheduled jobs history

Create bulk backup job and select object and fields

new bulk backup job, choose object
create bulk backup job, choose provider

Choose if you want to upload CSV to cloud, see connection providers

Possible to set specific criteria for filtering query

Choose if job is run once or scheduled