Frequently Asked Questions

Does the app store any user data ?

The user information is stored in Firebase Authentication during login and reference record for the user is stored in Cloud SQL

Can I deleted all the user and application data ?

Yes, please logout and login again and go to Account section, click “Delete”. The user data from Firebase Authentication and all related data linked to the user account in Cloud SQL is deleted

What data is stored ?

User data


  • Salesforce org connections with oAuth2 information to be able refresh token
  • Scheduled Test run results
  • Event data for connections, fetched periodically
  • Org metadata to speed up searching
  • Metadata on disk to be able to perform comparison with git. Comparison is based on git unified diff.

Is my data safe ?

Yes, the access to the Cloud SQL instance is very limited and it is IP restricted to be only accessed from the backend service in Google Cloud.

Can I delete all my data ?

Yes, you can. You can delete all the stored data by deleting your user via the Account menu. Or then you can choose to delete individual metadata.

If you experience timeouts when deleting your data please contact jani dot ruohomaa at